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Bar Cleaning Checklist

Running a bar is a fun way to make a living and play a role in the local community, but it is far from an easy process at times. Running a bar is a huge responsibility, and you must meet high standards every day, or you won't be in business too long. A dirty bar turns customers away.

The importance of reliable bar cleaning cannot be overlooked, and this is why people in the bar industry need a reliable bar cleaning checklist.

A bar cleaning checklist creates consistency, and no matter which team member or cleaning professional is carrying out the bar cleaning work, they know what must be done, every shift.

Our bar cleaning checklist created for our commercial cleaning clients takes you from the start of the day before customers arrive, through the shift, and then onto closing up for the night. To provide your staff members and customers with the most enjoyable environment and service, follow this comprehensive daily bar cleaning checklist.

How To Efficiently Clean A Bar Before Opening For The Day

Every business benefits from getting their day off to a good start, and in the bar sector, creating a schedule of bar cleaning tasks you do every day builds consistency and success.

Here is a comprehensive cleaning checklist for bartenders to follow before opening the bar:

Bar Cleaning Checklist

Gather And Organise Cleaning Supplies

Make sure to have all necessary cleaning supplies such as mops, buckets, disinfectants, cleaning solutions, sponges, gloves, trash bags, and paper towels.

Cleaning Supplies

Empty And Sanitise Ice Wells

Start by emptying and sanitising the ice wells using a reliable and safe cleaning solution. This will ensure that you serve customers' drinks in clean and hygienic conditions.

Empty And Sanitise Ice Wells

Restock Ice Wells

Once you've cleaned the ice bins, the next step is to restock them with fresh ice to ensure enough supply to last the day.

Check Keg Stock Levels

Check the keg stock levels and refill them if necessary, which is crucial to ensure enough beer supply throughout the day.

Refill All Fridges: Wine, Beer, Soft Drinks & Mixers

Refill all the fridges with fresh supplies of wine, beer, soft drinks and mixers. Ensure they are all at the right temperature and in good condition.

fridges on bar

Check The Dates On Juices In The Fridge

Check the dates on juices in the fridge and dispose of expired ones. Restock those that are still within their expiry dates, and keep those that are still good.

Check The Dates On Open Bottles Of Wine

Check the dates on open bottles of wine and dispose of any expired ones. Restock those that are still within their expiry dates and keep those that are still good.

Ensure Glassware Is Fully Stocked And Clean

Ensure that all glassware is fully stocked and clean, a vital part of the daily bar setup.


Set Up Bar Mats And Any Other Tools

Set up all the necessary tools, including bar mats, trays, shakers, stirrers, soda gun nozzles, pourers and any other equipment your staff will need to operate efficiently.

Bar Mats

Restock Disposable Items

Restock disposable items such as napkins, stirrers and other supplies you may need to run the bar throughout the day.

Disposable items

Clean The Beer Taps

Clean the taps and ensure they are in perfect working order.

You will have other tasks to take care of at the start of the shift, such as preparing fruit and garnishes, but there is no denying the importance of a pub cleaning checklist.

Beer Tap

Bar Cleaning Schedule For The Bar Floor When Opening

Of course, you can't solely focus on the bar area, you need to ensure the floor and customer area is as clean as possible. Developing a daily schedule that means everyone knows what is expected from the floor area is helpful in running a great bar.

Shake And Brush Any Doormats

A good pub cleaning checklist isn't just about meeting health and safety regulations, it encourages patrons to come back. Doormats accumulate dust and dirt, and trap moisture, which can lead to unpleasant odours so clean floor mats regularly. By shaking and brushing them, you can remove any loose debris and prevent further accumulation.


Remove Any Litter And Sweep The Floors

Once you have taken care of the doormats, the next step is to remove any litter that may have accumulated outside your bar. After that, you should sweep the floors thoroughly, paying attention to corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Sweep the floor

Mop And Dry The Floors

After sweeping, it's time to mop floors. Mopping helps remove any stubborn stains and spills, while drying prevents any accidents that a wet floor may cause. It's essential to use hot water and a disinfectant solution when mopping to kill any germs that may be present on the floor.

Mop And Dry The Floors

Check Entrance And Clean/Clear

The entrance of your bar is the first thing customers see when they enter, so it's essential to keep it clean and clear. Check the entrance area regularly and remove any clutter or obstacles that may be in the way. Keeping your bar clean means you don't need to worry about the Environmental Health Department, and you'll create an inviting atmosphere.

Dust All Visible Surfaces

Dusting is an essential part of any cleaning checklist. Dust all visible surfaces, including picture frames, banners, furniture, glasses, lights, switches, and fixtures.

Clean All Bathroom Surfaces Accordingly

The cleanliness of your bar's bathrooms can make or break your reputation. Clean all bathroom surfaces accordingly, including cleaning and polishing sinks and taps. Disinfect toilets and bowls thoroughly to eliminate any germs that may be present.

Mirrors are a significant part of any bar's décor but can also accumulate smudges and fingerprints quickly. Polish your mirrors regularly to keep them clean and shiny.

Be sure to restock toiletries in the bathroom

Restock your bar's bathrooms with toilet roll, hand towels, soap, and anything else you offer to provide patrons with a high standard of service.

Clean Doorknobs, Locks, And Handles

Door handles, locks, and doorknobs can accumulate germs quickly. Clean them regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Finally, sweep and mop the floors again to ensure everything is spotless. Pay attention to corners and hard-to-reach areas, and ensure your bar looks inviting and clean.

Tips For Keeping A Bar Clean During A Shift

An effective pre-opening cleaning schedule minimises the work you need to do throughout a shift, and complaints from unhappy patrons, but the bar cleaning process never stops.

During each shift, follow these tips to make sure that the bar remains spotless. Also, there will be times you must be proactive, dealing with spillages, so be aware of problems arising throughout the shift.

  • Wipe down the bar counter and sanitise it between customers whenever possible.
  • Clean and sanitise tables and chairs between customers and ensure they are in their correct place to avoid trip hazards.
  • Replace beer mats when they become dirty or worn.
  • Remove glasses from tables and the bar area and wash them in the glasswasher.
  • Remove empty bottles and mixer bottles
  • Sweep up any fallen food or debris from the bar floor and behind the bar.
  • Check the toilets and fill up or clean them as necessary. It is advisable to do this at least once an hour.
  • Empty trash cans when they are full.
  • Refill bottles, cans, and fridges.
  • Reach in coolers and wipe them down.
  • Restock straws, napkins, and stirrers.
  • Clean tools like shakers, glassware, and measuring cups.
  • Clean beer openers and wine keys.
  • Ensure that glassware is fully stocked.
  • Clean dishes if food is offered.

By keeping an eye out for these issues and following the tips, your bar will look pristine through the course of the shift.

The Bar

How to Effectively Clean And Close A Bar

At the end of a long shift, the last thing you or your team want to do is spend a lot of time cleaning the bar again. However, if you don't, bigger problems can arise.

You'll leave yourself a lot more work to do the next day, and spillages and waste can lead to mould or infestation problems if left unchecked. Therefore, it is vital you follow closing procedures at the end of the shift, and here are some tips on how to close out your bar:

Dishwasher: Run the bar mats through the dishwasher to remove spills or stains.

Laundry: Collect all the dirty linen, such as towels, tablecloths, and napkins, and send them for laundry.

Fruit And Garnishes: Check and discard any expired fruits or garnishes. Sort and clean the rest so they are ready for use the next day.

Sanitisation: Sanitise the entire bar area, including the bar top, bar stools, and other surfaces. This step is crucial to ensure the elimination of any harmful bacteria and viruses.

Bottles And Beer Handles: Wipe down all the bottled and canned beer and beer handles to remove residue and dust.

Beer Taps: Clean the beer taps to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and maintain the taste of the beer.

Speed Rails: Clean the speed rails holding the most frequently used bottles to maintain their shine and cleanliness.

Soda And Mixer Guns: Soak, sanitise, and clean the mixer and soda guns to ensure they are free of any residue or mould.

Drains: Rinse the gutters and wash the drain covers to remove any clogs and prevent unpleasant odours.

Sinks And Taps: Sanitise and clean the sinks and taps to remove dirt or grime.

Floor: Sweep and mop behind the bar to eliminate spills or debris.

Glassware: Clean all glasses and machines to maintain shine and sparkle.

Menus: Sanitise the menus to ensure they are free of germs or bacteria.

Furniture: Pack up the furniture, including turning the chairs upside down, so they are ready for floor cleaning the next day. `

For deep cleaning, monthly or even weekly bar cleaning tasks, tackle big job that take more time. Power wash the outside, wipe down the bar from floor to ceiling, clear out beer lines, clean beer lines, eliminate yeast residue in keg lines and ensure the bar set up and bar counters are effective for your pub.

With a good bar deep cleaning checklist, you can manage your day with less fuss, and to great impact.

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