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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Colburn 

An end of tenancy cleaning service could be the difference between you getting your security deposit back, or losing it entirely. By hiring a professional cleaning company like ours here at the Cleanup Team in Colburn you remove the stress of moving out, by handing the responsibility to a professional team of move out cleaners: professional cleaners with experience in meeting ALL of the cleaning requirements in your tenancy agreement.

That means we deep clean your property at the end of tenancy to ensure you get the money you deserve back. And better yet, our tenancy cleaning prices are competitive, meaning you spend a little on our cleaning service, but get a lot back. Why? Because our tenancy cleaning services will NEVER cost as much as the security deposit you're trying to recover. So even after employing our cleaning team, you still walk away with more money in your pocket.

Want to learn more about the Colburn end of tenancy cleaning services we provide at the Cleanup Team? Then read on to find out about everything we offer below!

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Why a tenancy cleaning service could be right for you

Why a tenancy cleaning service could be right for you

End of tenancy cleaning isn't just an unnecessary cost cleaning companies want you to incur because it makes them money. Truly, it's an essential service that many tenants opt for at their end of tenancy for their own peace of mind.

Why? Because by hiring professional cleaners in Colburn like us, you can guarantee that the deep clean we carry out will meet the requirements of your letting agents, estate agents, or landlords. For more information check out our post “can a landlord charge for an end of tenancy clean?”.

Our team of Colburn cleaners know how to tick boxes (and if it happens, there is an official agency approved deep cleaning checklist that we use with boxes to be ticked to ensure the deep cleaning is up to par - but more on that later).

If you want to make sure you get your deposit back at the end of your tenancy, then hiring a company like ours to carry out an end of tenancy cleaning service is the best way to ensure that will happen. Sure, you know how to clean. But we have all the necessary equipment and expertise to leave your property spotless. So spotless, in fact, that those in charge of releasing your deposit back to you will be unable to quibble with our results. And if they do, we'll fix that too...

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. For now, all you need to know is that here at the Cleanup Team, we're experts at end of tenancy cleaning and employing us to carry out a tenancy cleaning service at the end of your tenancy is a sure-fire way to getting your deposit back. That's how confident we are in our end of tenancy cleaning team!

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How do I employ your end of tenancy cleaners?

If it's all sounding good so far, then here's what you need to do to have our tenancy cleaners arrive at your Colburn property, armed with all the cleaning materials and professional equipment they need to do a fantastic job!

How do I employ your end of tenancy cleaners

Step 1: Contact us today

Step 2: Get your property ready

Step 3: Meet our team

Step 4: Thorough cleaning

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What tenancy cleaning services do you provide

What tenancy cleaning services do you provide?

To be clear, some of the Colburn cleaning services we offer below aren't included in our standard end of tenancy cleaning package. However, we're listing everything we offer below so you can start thinking about what your property needs. No hard sell here, we'll simply talk you through what we can do, so you can decide what we should do...

Carpet steam cleaning

Deep oven cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

External window cleaning

Wall spot cleaning

Washing machine/tumble dryer cleaning

Fridge cleaning

Domestic cleaning

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Tailoring the cleaning job to you!

Of course, as we've already mentioned, not all of the services listed above are included in a standard end of tenancy cleaning package - so it's your responsibility to decide what you need help with, and what you can handle yourself.

That's why it's always a good idea to contact us and discuss the size of your property and the work you would like us to do before we give you a quote for how much it will cost, because we can't say for certain because no two cleaning tenancy services are ever the same.

Take a look at your property, decide what needs to be done, and then reach out today so we can tailor our end of tenancy cleaning to you!

Tailoring the cleaning job to you
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Our end of tenancy cleaning checklist



Living room


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How much will it cost?

Honest answer? We don't know. Or rather, we don't know until we know more about you, your property, and what you actually need to have done to the property. We have covered this though in an article about “how much is an end of tenancy clean” to give you some rough ideas of prices. We can, however, give you an idea about the costs involved:

  • the cost of the tenancy clean itself
  • additional costs due to services you may wish to add on
  • any parking fees we have to incur to get to your property (especially relevant when tenancy cleaning London and other similarly built-up areas with limited free parking - we will always try to park somewhere for free beforehand, of course)

Call our Colburn team today and we can discuss your specific circumstances and needs, and give you a free, no obligation quote too!

How much will it cost for tenancy cleaning

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How many cleaners will attend for cleaning

How many cleaners will attend?

If you're wondering how many cleaners will attend on the day of your tenancy clean, the answer is simple: as many as it takes. Our team is very well organised, so we can decide which members of our team need to be where on any given day that we're operating.

But don't worry. If it's a big job, we'll make sure the cleaners we send out are enough to get the job done to a high standard as quickly as possible. And all of our cleaners receive the same training, so there is no lottery when it comes to the results we deliver. If we promise an excellent finish, an excellent finish is what you'll get, no matter who is on site on the day of the clean!

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Are the results fully guaranteed?

By the tenancy cleaning end, you should notice a HUGE difference. But more than that, your landlord and/or letting agency should too. And if they're not satisfied, then simply show us their inspection report and we'll come back and fix the issue for free, meaning you don't have to give up any of your deposit.

With that said, when we're on site, we may have to pick out some areas that we won't be responsible for. For example, if you didn't defrost your freezer and we couldn't clean it as thoroughly as we would have liked, if there is a problem with the freezer, we wouldn't be responsible for it.

Still, our results are guaranteed so long as you have the inspection carried out quickly after the cleaning has taken place (preferably the same day, and even better if our team is still on site when the inspection takes place so we can fix any issues immediately).

With that in mind, you should try to book an appointment with us on the same day that the inspection is due to take place. That way, there will be no issues. Just make sure you book everything on the same day (being mindful of a bank holiday or the weekend if your landlord is unavailable etc), and you'll get the results you're hoping for!

Are the results fully guaranteed
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But why choose the Cleanup Team

But why choose the 'Cleanup Team'?

Still need convincing the Cleanup Team is the right place for you? Then let us remind you of some reasons we are confident we can help below...

Experts at cleaning rental properties in Colburn

This isn't our first rodeo. We're experienced cleaners of rental properties who stick to strict checklists that we know letting agents and landlords are looking for. If you want results, then trust a team of professionals with the expertise to deliver them.

Prepared with all the cleaning equipment we need

Competitive prices

I'm interested. So what now?

If you would like to hire us, a team of end of tenancy cleaning professionals in Colburn who know exactly what landlords, estate agents, and letting agents are looking for, then simply reach out today. All we need from you is a list of services you would like us to carry out, the size of your property, and your address. With that, we can provide you with a free, no obligations quote, and if you're happy, get the ball rolling from there.

We're competitively priced, experienced professionals, and friendly faces to boot. If you're in need of a team to help you cleanup, then where better to look than the Cleanup Team?

I am interested So what now

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an end of tenancy clean cost?

End of tenancy cleaning costs vary depending on the size of your home but we have written an article about this entitled “how much is an end of tenancy clean?” to give you a rough idea.

Can landlords charge for cleaning at the end of tenancy?

Yes they are well within their rights to take the cost of an end of tenancy clean out of your deposit as the tenant is expected to leave the property at the same standard of cleanliness as when they moved in. If an independent viewer like an estate agent deems the property not clean then yes a landlord can charge you for an end of tenancy clean.

How clean does a house have to be after renting?

The house needs to be the same standard of cleanliness as when you moved in. Some tenancy agreements state that you must have a professional clean done before you move out.

What counts as fair wear and tear?

Worn carpets as opposed to dirty carpets would fall under wear and tear as would any other signs of wear around the home. If something is dirty that is more under the label of not professionally cleaned. If something is damaged then that would fall under damage.

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