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Hoarder Cleaning Whitehill 

A hoarding situation is a difficult thing to deal with. Whether you, yourself, are aware of a hoarding problem that you would like to fix, or you're organising a hoarding cleanup on behalf of a relative in, loved one, or someone you care for in Whitehill, it can feel like a daunting task.

With hoarding, there is almost always the risk of an unsafe living environment caused by unsanitary conditions, pests, and potentially dangerous waste in the home. Not to mention unwanted possessions like old newspapers, magazines, and clutter that can be stored precariously and pose a real threat if it were to fall.

So, hoarder cleaning is important, but how do you deal with it?

Well, the best thing to do is hire a professional cleaning company in Whitehill to carry out hoarder cleaning services that deals with clutter, sanitises and cleans the home, and carries out waste removal so that the individual who may be battling a hoarding disorder doesn't have to face it alone.

The Whitehill Cleanup Team offers hoarder cleaning services at a competitive price in a discreet and respectful way. Contact us today if you're ready to book, or read on below to find out more about how we can help.

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Hoarding explained

Hoarding explained

Before we even start the hoarder cleaning process, it's important that you understand a few things about hoarding.

Hoarding is a mental disorder along the obsessive compulsive disorder spectrum. A hoarder's house becomes filled with clutter because they are unable, for a myriad of reasons, to throw out old things. Keeping what looks like clutter to someone whose mental health isn't affected by hoarding might seem illogical, but to those with a mental illness, the items they keep aren't clutter at all - they're memories, comforts, and things that bring them joy.

However, when they're unable to live in a safe home in a clean state, a cleaning service is necessary.

But the process is not an easy one.

A hoarder cleanup can be an incredibly stressful situation for those suffering from poor mental health and hoarding, so it's really important that the hoarder cleaning service is carried out in a respectful manner. The stressful time can cause hoarding to get worse if handled insensitively.

Here at the Cleanup Team, we're incredibly respectful of the situation, and we never carry out a hoarder cleanup without the person being involved where possible. This leads to the best outcome.

Our hoarder cleaning service is tailored to each individual, but it does follow a general pattern, too, so if you'd like to know more about what we'll do at hoarders homes, read on below.

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What we do during our hoarding cleanup

Hoarding cleaning can be a difficult thing. You're dealing with a person with potentially poor mental health suffering from a mental disorder. The home itself is often not easy to clean, and in extreme cases can be a health risk to those in the property.

But with our experience and expertise, we're able to handle any hoarder cleanup! The following services are all included as standard:

What we do during our hoarding cleanup

1. On site assessment

2. Work closely with you to determine what stays and what goes

During every hoarder clean we always try to work closely with the person affected where possible - whether that's you, a family member, or someone you care for.

It's really important that we know what things the individual wants to keep from the affected areas. It may be the case that our technicians have to carry out some decontamination on these items and arrange storage in a safe space during the clean, but if it doesn't risk health and safety to keep the item, then it will be preserved.

By working with the affected individual, we can provide professional help whilst still respecting the items they wish to keep.

Not everything will need to go during a hoarder cleanup, so it's really important that we know what's staying and what's going before we start the job.

We never want to cause more concerns or stress for the individual, so we're always absolutely strict with saving what needs to be saved, and disposing of the rest.

Once we know what's staying and going, we may then ask everyone to leave (friends, family, carers, and the affected individual) so our technicians can carry out the hoarder clean.

3. Waste removal

4. Start cleaning

5. Get your house ready to give back to you

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What are the benefits of a hoarder cleanup

What are the benefits of a hoarder cleanup?

So, why bother with a hoarder's cleaning service to begin with? What's in it for you?

Part of the healing process

Safe environment to live in

Enjoy a fully clean home

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Hoarder cleaning FAQs

What are the hoarding cleaning costs?

How long does it take to clean a hoarder's home?

Do I need to provide equipment and supplies?

Can I choose what stays and goes?

Will you handle all waste including unwanted furniture items?

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Hoarder cleaning next steps

If you feel you could benefit from our hoarder cleaning services in Whitehill, then contact us today. We'll always carry out all of the work discreetly, and work closely with you to ensure you're as comfortable as you can be throughout the entire process.

Contact us today and we'll be in touch within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hoarder cleaning next steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hoarding disorder and how does it affect people?

Hoarding disorder is characterised by an inability to discard or part with possessions, regardless of their actual value, due to a perceived need to save them, distress associated with discarding them, or clutter that interferes with the use of living spaces. It frequently causes significant emotional, physical, and social impairment, as well as dangerous living conditions.

Can a hoarding cleaning service help with the decluttering process?

Yes, our hoarding cleaning services can be of great assistance in the decluttering process by providing trained and experienced professionals who work with the hoarder to clean and declutter the home in a safe and respectful manner. This process frequently entails sorting and organising belongings, removing hazardous or unsanitary items, and providing support and resources to assist the hoarder in maintaining a clean and organised living space.

How do hoarding cleaning services handle sensitive or personal items during the cleaning process?

Our hoarding cleaning services handle sensitive or personal items with the utmost care and respect, protecting the hoarder's privacy and confidentiality. Our cleaning professionals will work with the hoarder to sort and organise possessions, as well as make decisions about what to keep and what to discard, while keeping the emotional significance of these items in mind.

How do hoarding cleaning services interact with other professionals, such as social workers or mental health providers?

Hoarding cleaning services frequently collaborate with other professionals, such as social workers or mental health providers, to provide individuals with hoarding disorders with comprehensive support. The goal is not only to address physical clutter and unsanitary living conditions, but also the underlying emotional and psychological issues that contribute to hoarding behaviour. The hoarding cleaning service and the other professionals involved will work together to achieve the best possible results for the hoarder and anyone else living in the home.

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