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After Death Cleaning Cleadon 

First of all, we're deeply sorry for your loss. No, you might not be a relative, or even a friend of the deceased, but death affects us all, and even more so if you're having to deal with the unattended death cleanup.

Unfortunately, sometimes an unattended death in Cleadon won't be discovered for a while after the deceased passes on. Typically, it's only foul odours reported by neighbours that first alert people to an unattended death. And at this point, there's already a risk to health.

So, how do you handle the unattended death cleanup?

Well, you call in professionals to carry out undiscovered death cleaning services. Here at the Cleanup Team, we offer an unattended death cleaning service in Cleadon that reduces health risks, deals with hazardous waste, and cleans bodily fluids fully from an area to prevent cross contamination.

If you're in charge of cleaning up after an unattended death, then read on below to find out how we can help.

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What to do immediately after finding an undiscovered death

What to do immediately after finding an undiscovered death

The very first thing you should do is report the death. If there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, then the Cleadon emergency services must be contacted so they can do an on site assessment of the situation and determine if there is a crime scene or if there has been a suicide or accident that may have caused their death.

If there is a crime, then the police will need to gather evidence and clear the scene before we come in. Please look at our crime scene cleanup services for more details about crime scene cleaning and trauma cleaning.

Our after death cleaning services in Cleadon are typically just for natural deaths that haven't been discovered for some time. The first steps here are all about being able to identify the body and inform the family after the emergency services have been contacted. After the family side of things has been taken care of, the police will deal with the person being retrieved.

Once the body has been taken away, we will be able to carry out our cleaning - which will look quite different from a crime scene cleanup.

The main difference is the amount of bodily fluids we will need to tackle in this cleaning service and the specialist equipment required.

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What our undiscovered death cleaning services tackle

So, what do we cover with our undiscovered death cleaning?

What our undiscovered death cleaning services tackle

Bloodborne pathogens

Removal of other bodily fluids

Biohazard cleaning

Removal of foul odours

Pest control

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What will unattended death cleaning look like on the day

What will unattended death cleaning look like on the day?

On the day, we'll arrive at your Cleadon property to carry out the cleaning. Typically, we will need your keys to access it, and then we will request that you leave until we are finished. This is to protect you.

Once we have entered the property, we will carry out an assessment to work out the best process for cleaning up the property. We'll look at waste that needs to be removed, contaminated areas and surfaces that will need to be cleaned.

As soon as we have a plan, we'll put it into action and then contact you when it's over so you can see the results and we can report back everything that happened during the process.

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Who is responsible for an unattended death cleanup
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In situations such as these, we'll get a quote to you as quickly as possible, and if you're happy to move ahead with us, the Cleanup Team aims to be on site within just an hour or two. We understand the sensitive nature of this topic, and we always aim to help as quickly as we can!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for an unattended death cleanup?

Although it may seem as though it's the emergency services' job to contact a cleaning company like ours and organise the cleanup, it's actually the property owner's.

How much does undiscovered death cleaning cost?

Our cleaners are paid per hour. Depending on the length of time the person was undiscovered for, the nature of the cleanup, and the amount of affected areas, the price will vary. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote.

Will your services be carried out discreetly?

Absolutely. All our cleaners are aware of the sensitive nature of the work and will behave in a professional manner throughout with the utmost respect for the situation.

Are all staff fully trained and equipped to deal with death cleanups?

Yes. All our staff have received the training and support to complete these jobs quickly, effectively, and completely safely.

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