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Sharps Removal Northallerton 

Removing sharps in Northallerton yourself is something you should NEVER do.

Sharps disposal is a serious task that poses a genuine threat to your health and safety, and only those who have been given the right needle sweep training and sharps waste disposal guidance should carry it out.

The health and safety regulations surrounding needle sweeps in Northallerton are extensive, and needles are actually classed as hazardous waste due to the threat they pose.

So, if you require a needle sweep or sharps waste service to be carried out at your property in Northallerton, then it's vital that you let the professionals handle it.

Contact the Cleanup Team today so our specialist cleaners can handle your sharps removal safely.

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What are sharps

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What is sharps removal and a needle sweep?

Sharps removal and needle sweeps are designed to help us safely dispose of sharps and the associated hazardous waste like blood.

During one of our Northallerton services, the objects will be safely picked up using litter pickers and placed in sharps containers before being placed in a biohazard bag, in accordance with current health and safety recommendations.

A needle sweep is simply what we do before beginning the cleaning section of a service to ensure sharps are all disposed of so they pose no further risk in public areas or in a private home or business.

What is sharps removal and a needle sweep

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When is a needle sweep necessary

When is a needle sweep necessary?

An extensive needle sweep is carried out at every area where we handle sharp removal. This means we can ensure all other sharps are removed too, so there is no risk of contamination, injury, or illness due to further sharps.

Whenever we leave a scene, we're as confident as we can be that all sharps and associated paraphernalia have been dealt with effectively.

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What are the dangers of carrying out sharps waste disposal


Blood-borne viruses

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How do you carry out sharps disposal services

1. Scene assessment

2. Protective gear

3. Sharps, needles, and syringes disposal

4. Decontamination and cleaning

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Can I take care of sharps removal myself?

Absolutely not. It is far too dangerous to dispose of blades and sharps without the proper training and knowledge. Hire the Cleanup Team to handle the service for you.

Can I take care of sharps removal myself

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What qualifies the Cleanup Team to carry out sharps disposal and needle sweeps in Northallerton?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do needle sweeps cost?

Our service is charged per hour, so we will only know how much it will cost when we know more about the scene we need to clean.

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How can we be sure all sharps have been removed?

We never leave the scene without doing a final needle sweep to be sure EVERY sharp is in a container and ready to be disposed of.

What should I do if I see sharps?

Any sighting should be reported immediately to the premises manager. If you see sharps in a public restroom, for example, then DO NOT touch anything. Simply report it to the first member of staff you see so they can deal with it.

Who is responsible for dealing with safe sharps removal?

The premises manager/owner. It is their job to contact a company like ours to remove the sharps in a safe and effective manner.

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