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Crime Scene Cleaning Bedale 

Crime scene cleaning (A.K.A. trauma cleaning) is an incredibly sensitive issue. Trauma scenes in Bedale are not for the faint of heart either, which is why our Bedale trauma cleaners need to receive the proper training and guidance before they can be deployed to a trauma scene for crime scene cleaning.

At the Cleanup Team, we're proud to have highly trained technicians and crime scene cleaners that are capable of cleaning up crime scenes and trauma scenes after an incident.

We understand the importance of health and safety and discretion for these types of jobs, which is why we handle the whole thing sensitively.

If you think you might require cleaners to complete crime scene cleaning or trauma cleaning services in Bedale, then read on below to find out more.

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Crime Scene Cleaning Bedale

Health risks involved in biohazard & crime scene cleanup

Crime scene cleaning services obviously involve the cleanup of some traumatic scenes. And a traumatic incident usually means our cleaners will tackle blood and other bodily fluids that are potentially hazardous to health.

Blood borne pathogens in bodily fluid like blood carry potential risks of passing on diseases like hepatitis b, hepatitis c and HIV. With the proper removal and cleanup of a trauma scene, though, the risks are reduced significantly.

The key? Knowing what to do.

Thankfully, our team of crime scene and trauma cleaners are highly trained to handle the full range of bodily fluids and biological material in a safe and effective way.

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Do emergency services clean up crime scenes

Do emergency services clean up crime scenes?

Although some of the events mentioned above are crime scenes, in the UK emergency services are not actually responsible for providing a crime scene cleaning or a trauma cleaning service.

It is their job to secure the scene and collect evidence, but once the police/paramedics/firefighters are done, they'll simply provide some expert advice on what to do next, but they won't actually sort out the cleaning...

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How crime scene cleaningtrauma cleaning works

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Why work with the Cleanup Team?

There are, of course, other cleaning service providers in Bedale that deal with trauma clean and crime scene scenarios.

So why pick us?

Why work with the Cleanup Team

Fast response

Wide coverage

Trained professionals

Safely remove hazardous waste and potentially infectious materials

Discreet response

Required PPE and cleaning materials ready to go

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Crime scenetrauma cleaning service FAQs

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Can I clean up contaminated areas myself?

What should I do whilst I wait?

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If you need trauma or crime scene cleaning support at a scene in Bedale, then contact the Cleanup Team. Tell us your location and the nature of the work, and we'll send out a specialised group of cleaners (usually within the hour) to clean up the area discreetly and respectfully with your confidentiality in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is proper disinfection so important?

Proper disinfection is crucial to prevent exposure to health hazards like bloodborne pathogens, infectious diseases, and structural damage to property. Incomplete cleaning of blood spills can lead to the return of unpleasant odours and the growth of additional bacterial colonies. To ensure proper disinfection, it is important to use a proven process like the Cleanup Team biohazard remediation process.

Do insurance policies cover crime scene cleaning or trauma cleanup?

Insurance policies may cover the cost of crime scene cleaning or trauma cleanup services in the UK, but it is best to check with the individual policy for specifics.

How do you dispose of biohazard waste in the UK?

As a crime scene cleaning company we follow strict guidelines and regulations for the discreet and confidential disposal of hazardous waste often labelled as UN3291 and packaged as per packing instruction P650.

Are your crime scene cleaners trained to handle hazardous waste?

Crime scene cleaners in the UK are trained and equipped to handle hazardous materials BBV contaminated waste and decontaminate affected areas to ensure public safety.

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